Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fabric covered journal

Looking for a last minute gift for that family or friend that you just realized that you haven’t bought something for and just can’t face the Christmas rush or just need a secret Santa gift well why not make yourself a fabric covered diary or journal.
I thought it would be nice to make these as a Thank You gift for the girl’s teachers this year and you only need 2 fat quarters of different print, lining, 2 inch strip of velcro, 5 inch length of ribbon or fabric to close the journal and hold the pen, A5 size Journal (you can cover 2 A5 size books with 2 fat quarters) and a pen. 
First you will have to draft your pattern onto some paper.  Open your journal/diary and lay it flat on your paper and with a pencil draw around your journal/diary.
Cape Trip 431
Now we need to measure the width of the book when its closed as we are going to use this as the measurement for the sleeves that the book cover is going to slide into.  My journal is 6 inches wide so that gives me 3 inches each side.  Now add another inch across the top and on one side of the journal/diary outline.  This will give you your 1/4 allowance on all sides and for when you make the sleeves for the book covers to slide into.
fabric cover book layout
With your paper pattern finished and cut out, trace it onto each of your fabrics and your lining and cut out.  Place right sides of both fabrics together, your lining on top and pin.  Now its off to your sewing machine to sew each sides but leave at least a 3 inch hole to turn the fabric out the right way.

Cape Trip 517

Cape Trip 518
Before turning my fabric out the right way, I like to iron the seam where the opening is back so that it is flat and even for sewing when its turned out the right way.  Once turned the right way iron your fabric  again and hand stitch the opening closed. 

Cape Trip 523
Now before sewing the sides down to make a little sleeve I actually marked them first so that I could sew on the closure.   Place the book open on the fabric, fold over the fabric each side and pin.  Now because my journal actually has a ring binding I found that I had to make a little bit of an allowance for this for opening and shutting so just keep that in mind if you have one similar (I folded on side an inch shorter then the other).

Cape Trip 524
Close the fabric over as if the book is inside and mark each side where you would like to sew your velcro and your ribbon.  I used snap closures but with the velcro I would sew a 1 inch square of velcro onto the end of the ribbon and the other half to the fabric cover.

fabric cover journal velcro attachment
Cape Trip 526 
One you have sewn your velcro and ribbon on it’s time to sew the sleeves done.  This is done by sewing a 1/4 inch seam across the top and then across the bottom.  And now your done.

Cape Trip 529
What do you think.  I just love these so easy and they can be reused over and over again.  If you are feeling a bit adventures add some embellishments.  I had a sample given to me of ribbon with a little saying on them a couple of years ago and thought they would go nicely with this gift.
Cape Trip 493
Oh and a little tip for placing the book in the sleeve.  Arch the book up and it should slide in very easily.
Cape Trip 505  

Would love for you to share what you have made over at my Facebook page.

Jennifer xx

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