Thursday, November 3, 2011

Found it at the library


I have been madly searching the library catalogue and requesting quite a few books recently.  Books that I have been on the waiting list for for a while have finally come through and I have a load of them sitting on my coffee table waiting for me to review them.

Anyway the book that I am reviewing today I have borrowed out before but couldn’t find the pictures that I had taken to go along with the post so i had to borrow it  out again, and that was hard, not.


One Metre Wonders authors are Rebecca Yaker, who owns an online boutique called Hazel and Melvin’s Room and Patricia Hoskins, who is a co founder of Crafty Planet.DSC05990

I remember when I first borrowed this book out and how much I just loved the fabric they used for each of the projects.  I had not long started this blog and was only just discovering all the wonderful and colourful fabrics that other bloggers were using for their projects.

So what will you find in this gorgeous book, well of course at the beginning is your usual what you need and need to know like equipment must haves, knowing your fabric, cutting your fabric, making and using patterns and techniques.


And then it jumps straight into the projects.  You can make things for around the home, garments to wear, great gift ideas, softies for the kids, even something for the family pet.


The only thing I will say I don’t like about this book and its just a personal thing and that is the patterns that come with it are the tissue paper kind.  I have only started using paper patterns this year but I find that they are a lot better as the don’t easily rip.


With paper patterns you can scan them onto your computer to reprint when the originals have too many holes in them and their are some books now, like Martha Stewarts sewing book that actually gives you the patterns etc on disc.


All in all this is a fantastic book and I recommend you check and see if your library has it available and if not most library's will order books in for you.  And if it is anything like my library, you will have a bit of await to get it.


Happy Reading!!!

PS.  How exciting, there is another book due for release this year called Fabric by Fabric, One Yard Wonders, can’t wait!!!!!

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