Thursday, November 17, 2011

I found it at the library

I recently borrowed this book ‘Stitch by Stitch, Learning to Sew One Project at a Time’ by Deborah Moebes which I thought would be really good for those of you out there who are or consider themselves beginners.
The first thing that grabbed my attention about this book was the fact that the patterns, stitch guides etc from the book are on a CD.  As I have mentioned before I love this idea as you don’t have to worry about trying to scan your book to get the template for the applique designs or that you might rip your tissue paper pattern. 
The author Deborah Moebes taught sewing classes at public schools, designs children’s clothing and now owns Whipstitch Lounge, a popular sewing destination in Atlanta.  She also has a blog and an online fabric shop at etsy.
The book is split into 2 parts, the first is about getting started, where Deborah shows you what tools to invest in, getting to know your machine and understanding fabric.
Part 2 is the lessons and Deborah has 11 projects for you to tackle from Home Decor and Personal Style (napkins, placemats, tote) to Sewing Clothes (wrap skirt, a-line skirt cap sleeved blouse).
Each project has a technique for you to learn like mitered corners, bias bound edges, zippers and darts on clothing.
I love the way this book is laid out and it has lovely pictures and clear instructions for each step of the project.
So if you are a beginner or not you will love creating the projects in this book.
Is it are your local library?
Happy Reading!!!!

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