Thursday, May 24, 2012

In the garden

I love our big old tree that is beside our house.  It's huge and so are the branches that come down.  We have had a few near misses and I tell you they would have done some serious damage.

We have had someone out to checkout the tree some years ago and they told us that the branches that are left should not come anywhere near the house.  But anything is possible.

What I love most about this tree is all the wonderful birds that come to visit or setup home in it's branches and the holes left in the trunk after losing a branch or two.

Today while checking out my protea that has flowered I turned to see what was making all the noise in the tree today.

We have our resident cockatoo's that are with us all year round and there were a few Corella's squawking into a hole that is usually a nest for some Gala's. 

Just love living out here.

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