Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tutorial Time


Tooth Fairy Pillow

My niece lost her very first tooth not to long ago and has another wiggle one ready to fall out so when se came to stay these school holidays I told her that I would make her a tooth fairy pillow.

I had a few ideas running around in my head as to what I wanted to make her but she insisted on having something similar to the one that Miss J has.

Now the one that Miss J has is my very own tooth fairy pillow that use to grace the top of my bed with all the other pillows and toys that I had placed in a particular order.


Poor thing is yellowing and I offered to make Miss J her very own but she insisted that she wanted mummy’s.

So here is what Miss S wanted Aunty to make. One pink heart with 2 blue stars was requested.


The pillow itself is only 6 inches x 8 inches and the heart on the front is the pocket for the tooth.


I made a couple of templates out of cardboard for the applique stars and heart.


I used heat n seal on the stars, ironed them on then just stitched around the inside.


For the Heart I just sewed around the bottom half of the shape so that it became a pocket.

I didn’t have any lace to put around the outside of the heart so I thought the heart button would be a nice little touch.


Now I don’t have any fabric pens so I used a black laundry pen to write the words on the pillow using a stencil I had picked up at the discount shop. I used my wipe away marker to place the letters before going back over them with the laundry pen.


Then to just sew the two pieces, right sides together leaving a small opening to turn it out, stuff it with hobby fill and then stitch up the hole.


And here you have it.


I think I will use my ideas for Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs.  Stay tuned.

Happy Sewing!!!


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