Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Found it at the library


‘The busy girl’s guide to Sewing’ is a different kind of sewing book and one that you will love not just for making the projects that are in it but also reading about each creator.

The book written by Carrie MaClennan, is a journey of how she finally decided to learn how to sew with 13 projects that she has gathered from other designers.

girls sewing guide Collage

It has been broken down into 3 different sections, 30 Minutes or Less, One Hour or Less and Four Hours or Less.

So if you are thinking of teaching yourself to sew or just looking for a new project to tackle, or looking for something to read why sipping that coffee, then this is a great book to pickup at your library.

What have you found at the library today?  Would love for you to share it over at my Facebook page!

Happy Reading


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