Friday, September 7, 2012

What I have been up too


Hello everyone, sorry for my absence but I have been really busy with getting items ready for my first stall that I will have at the Park Ridge State School Spring Fling on the 15th.

I will be back with my regular posting after this date and I promise I have a few tutes up my sleeve. 

But until then I thought I would share a few pic’s of what I have been up too!

My tooth fairy express pillow for boys.  It has a small pocket on the back.

toothfairy express Collage

Also new, my trolley mate wallet:

tralley mate cover Collage

I have redesigned my nappy wallets so that they look more like a clutch:

BB Flower Clutch Collage

bw ncw

And finally the nappy wallet designed to carry 3 Modern Cloth Nappies:

mcn rf nw Collage

So better get back to it.  I’m really excited but very scared at the same time.  Will post pics  and let you know how I go.

Take care till then!

Jennifer xxx


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