Thursday, March 7, 2013

In the garden – Roses


Remember the new rose bushes I planted in my garden last year, well they have all finally flowered for the first time this year.  Aren’t they beautiful.

rose Collage

Unfortunately my red rose bush did not survive but I have recently replaced it with this beautiful pink rose called Sexy Rexy.

sexy rexy rose

This rose bush is kinda special to us.  Andrew’s Grandfather was called Rex and sadly he passed away over 3 years ago.  Andrew’s mum had found the rose and gave it to Nana and Granddad as a gift but did not get a chance to remove the rose bush or take a clipping when the house sold and Nana moved out.


It has taken us this long to find one and we will take extra special care of it.

Miss you Granddad.

Jennifer xx


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