Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year



Hello and happy new year.  I hope you all have had a wonderful time with family and friends seeing in the new year and have all your goals/new years resolutions all planned and under way.

For me well I actually don’t make new years resolutions, WHY? you may ask well because I never stick to them.  I don’t, i just have a few little plans in my head that I want to do and if I achieve them FANTASTIC!!!! if I don’t well I ain’t going to punish myself about it.

Now what is in store for you this week well I recently made this matching felt doll, tote bag and art folder for a lovely young lady who has turned 5th birthday and I thought I would share a tutorial or to for the tote bag and art folder with you.  As for the felt doll it is actually a free pattern from Martha Stewart called the Black Apple Doll and you can find the pattern and tutorial black apple doll.


Also this week I thought I would share my recipe for a yummy kind of garment sausage roll that I made. It has ricotta, capsicum, spinach, sausage meat all rolled up in puff pastry.  It was yummy and I managed to make 2 of them for under around $12.  Its great hot or cold and perfect for this great picnic weather we are having.

Cape Trip 256

Oh and I might just have to have a little giveaway too!

Jennifer xx



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