Sunday, April 6, 2014

Moving to Wordpress


Hello my lovely’s how are you all been in my absence.  I have been really busy with Bits & Bobs 4 bubs and have recently changed the blog over to wordpress.


I have also finally made my very first nappy bag set.  It comes with a matching nappy wallet and change mat.  I just love the Heather Bailey fabric that I have had sitting in my fabric stash waiting for to find out what it will be turned into.

mod bead sway lime heather baily 6 pocket nappy bag combo  Collage

Another new item to the store are my waterproof seat pads for potting training to use in your pram/stroller or car seat.  I have a few in both stores and lots more all cut out reading to be sewn together and listed.


But during all this I have also still been cooking and making a few little things here and there which I can’t wait to share with you.  But first it’s the school holiday time and hubby is off as well so we have lots of things planned with the kids.

I am also going to try and fit sometime in between our outings to change Eat Craft Sow over to wordpress. After changing over Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs I just love that I have better control over the blog and can add a few more features.

Anyway hope you all have a fabulous next 2 weeks and hopefully I will see you all over at the new blog.  (I will be importing everything over from this blog so that you can still find any of your favorite tutorials, recipes etc.

Jennifer xx



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