Monday, December 20, 2010

Up Cycling Clothes

Do you have a few skirts lying around your wardrobe or have you found a few skirts that you haven't worn in such a long time or doesn't fit anymore.  Well if you have little girl's like me who absolutely love dresses you can turn your skirt into a dress for your daughter/s to wear.

There are lots of different tutorials out there for what is called up cycling your clothes, I even found a book at the library called Fashion T-shirts: easy-sew projects for fun fashion by Lorine Mason, which has step by step instructions on how to up cycle, of course, t-shirts.  I liked it so much that I bought a second-hand copy from Amazon :

During one of my visits to our local charity store I found 2 skirts that I thought would make great dresses for my 2 little girls and they were only 3 dollars each.  Unfortunately I did not take a before photo of the skirts but here is how they turned:

The brown and blue skirt was really easy to change into a dress as the zipper was at the side.  All I had to do was put it on my 4 year old, mark where to cut for it to fit and then cut and sew down one side.  I used the off cut to make the straps.

With the pink and white dress, the zipper was at the back, so I had to mark both sides then cut and sew, trying to make sure that both sides matched.  Again I used the off cuts for the straps.

I used the tutorial from the blog V and Co .  This wonderful blog is by Vanessa Christenson who is a stay at home mum in the United States.  The blog has lots of great tutorials and you can also purchase a step by step pdf of any of the tutorials from Vanessa's My Shop page.

I have a tub full of clothes to upcycle so hopefully in the new year I can come up with a few tutorials of my own. 

So go one give it a go and have a look at Vanessa's blog,  which I'm sure will give you lots of imspiration.

Happy Sewing


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