Monday, January 24, 2011

Sock's into baby stockings

While surfing my favourite blogs I noticed that there has been a trend where mum's are turning knee high socks into baby leg warmers.

Photo taken from The Sewing Dork
Tutorial here
But it got me thinking of stockings, and why not use a pair of knee high socks to make them.  And it just so happened that I have a really cute pair of stockings that a friend gave to me in a bag of hand me downs that is a bit like sock knitted material.

So I used them as a template:

Here are the socks that I used.  They are called Cosy Toes which I found at a local discount store and they were perfect to use as they did not have a heel.

Cosy Toe Socks
So first I lay the socks on top of the stockings to measure the length.  Use the elastic end of the sock for the bottom of the legs and cut the toe part off, leaving enough to fold and create a waistband.

Now for the gusset.  When I think about it now that I have finished making these socks maybe having a heel would make the gusset part a bit easier but as these socks don't have a heal I used the piece's I cut off to make it.

I wanted the stripes to run the same way so I had to fold the template in half and make to triangle pieces that I sewed together.

OK so sewing knitted fabric for the first time
not so fun!!!!

Then I measured from the top of the waistband down to the bottom of the gusset to find out the length I need to cut the inside of the socks.

measuring from top to the bottom of gusset

cut down one side of each sock
Now pin and sew the gusset.  I did one side at a time.

Now pin and sew the sides together.  I did this one side at a time too!

When all piece's are sewn together turn down the top to make a waistband.  I found that the stockings where narrow enough that they would just stretch over bub's bottom but if you want to add elastic just make sure that you leave a gap to do so. 

And here is the finished product.  I so glad that they turned out!!!

So why not have a go and if you make them out of sock's that have a heel I would love to know how you went so please send me a pic!

Happy Sewing!!!!

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