Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pan Fried Salmon,Baby Spinach and Blue Vein Cheese Mash Potatoes

When my husband and I were celebrating our first wedding anniversary (wow 7 years married this year) we stayed a few nights in a lovely cabin in Montville, Qld next to the national park.

On the main street (Maleny-Montville Rd) we toured all the lovely shops and decided that we wanted some yummy Salmon for lunch.

Well their was only one restaurant that was serving Salmon that day and I must say it was so delicious that when we got home I had to make it myself.  Now for the name of the restaurant, I believe it is called The Edge Restaurant today and it is in the Mayfield building at the end of the street.

Pan Fried Salmon, Baby Spinach and Blue Vein Cheese Mash Potatoes

Now I cannot give you exact measurements for this dish as I just make it up as I go along each time but it is a very simple dish.

You need:

Salmon fillets
Potatoes, washed, peeled and mashed
Baby Spinach washed
Wedge Blue Vein Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar

First I boil the potatoes.  While your potatoes are boiling season your salmon with salt and pepper, drizzle with some olive oil.

When your potatoes are nearly ready to mash, put your pan on a high heat with a little nob of butter (to stop the oil burning) and then place your salmon skin side down (if it has the skin on it).

Now mash your potatoes with a little milk and add about half the wedge of the blue vein cheese.  You can do this to your liking really as some blue vein cheese can be very strong.  Set aside and keep warm.

We like our salmon still moist in the middle so I only cook it for about 4 mins each side but as I said do this to your liking (I like to buy fillets that are about 1 1/2 inches thick).

When salmon is done, you just have to plate up.  First you put on your plate the mash potatoes, then top with the baby spinach and then place your salmon on the top.  And for some added flavour and I recommend it as it goes so well, drizzle your balsamic vinegar around the outside of your mash potatoes and bon appetite.

So yummy I can taste it now!!! Need to make sure that I add salmon to the shopping list.

Oh and I highly recommend a nice Clare Valley Riesling to go with it!!!

Happy Cooking!!!!

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  1. hiya , this looks delish x think i know whats for dinner tonight ! tfs hope to see you at mine soon xmaggiex