Friday, November 4, 2011

What’s on the Menu


A couple of months ago at a taste testing booth at our local Woolworths, I tried this curry sauce called S&R Golden Curry that is found in the Asian section.

I have seen this on the self at the supermarket over the years and although I love a good curry was never game enough to buy and try it. 

Well am I glad they finally sampled it because it is super delicious and we have it nearly once a week. 

It is actually a hard block of curry sauce. So you can break off and add as little or all of it to make the meal.

The lady had actually made a simple noodle and vegetable curry as she was also promoting the noodles and I can tell you its that tasty that I didn’t even realise it didn’t have any meat in it. 

I have cooked it with both chicken and beef though and it comes in mild, medium and hot flavour.  We have tried all 3 flavours with hot being our favourite.

So how do I cook with it, well I do it in my pressure cooker and serve it with rice.
To cook it in the pressure cooker, fry some onions in olive oil in the bottom of the pot, then when they are clear, remove onions and place a trivet in the bottom. 

Then I place the beef, onions and peeled potatoes on top of the trivet and poor in enough water so that it just covers the beef.  Now cook it for around 30 mins.

I have been using good old casserole beef and it turns out so lovely and tender.  After 30 mins I take out the trivet, drain the water, leaving enough to make the sauce and throw everything back in. I also like to have peas in my curry and on an odd occasion I will replace the potatoes with cauliflower.

Now to just add the blocks of the curry sauce and keep a low heat under it for another 10 minutes for it to thicken.  Mmm yummy!

Now I serve my curry with rice of course but after having this curry sauce with noodles I have told hubby that he is going to have to give it a try.

For the rice, I use to be hopeless at cooking rice. It always seem to come out gluggy or dry but after my mum mentioned she cooked her rice in the microwave I gave it a go and haven’t looked back.

I have a 800 watt microwave and to cook rice I just add one cup of boiling water for every cup of rice plus one extra cup of boiling water (1 cup rice, 2 cups water or 2 cups rice, 3 cups of water and so on). 

Just cook it for 15 mins and when it is finished fluff it up with a fork.

Now serve and eat, its yummy. And if you are lucky to have any leftovers it’s also great as a toasted sandwich.


I’m hungry now.  What are you cooking for dinner?
Happy Cooking !!!!

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