Tuesday, June 12, 2012



It was the Queens Birthday long weekend and we have had the British weather to help celebrate it.

Very cold and miserable all weekend except for Saturday morning.  We headed up the coast on Sunday to visit family and spent Monday indoors hibernating.

So I tried to make this yummy Eclair Slice that I found on Pinterest.  It belongs to The girl who ate Everything!


Well I’m really sorry to this lovely lady who made this as I FAILED.  First the pastry didn’t turn out right.  I don’t think I got the butter right for the mixture.

Then when I made the filling the mixer decided to go faster then I had intended and I had vanilla pudding all over the bench lol.

If it wasn’t for the whip cream that I managed to get right or the pouring chocolate, store bought, I think it would be horrible.


Ah well I will just have to give it a go again.  Have you had an epic fail when making something yummy?

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