Thursday, July 4, 2013

Found it at the library – The modern girl’s guide to hat making



I went looking for this book after reading about it in one of my UK magazines.  I have always wondered how hats were made and what was involved.

Not one for the races but always love seeing what adorns the heads of some of the ladies that do attend them.

My mum also loves hats and has made a few little pieces to wear if we have a little luncheon on Melbourne cup day.

And for those of you out there who would love to make your own this book is the one for you.  Written by Mary Jane Baxter who is a milliner herself, has written a fabulous book with easy to read instructions with detailed pictures.

There is a brief section on the history of hats, a hat glossary and detailed section on all the ingredients you need to make one.

So with Melbourne cup in a couple of months why not hunt this book down in your local library and make yourself something special for the big day.

Jennifer xx

PS my favourite is the little top hat



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