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Fancy Sausage Roll


Fancy Sausage Roll

I was going to call this a savory strudel but I think it is more like a giant fancy sausage roll.  I love the chicken strudels that you can buy at the supermarket but thought I would make a version of my own using sausage mince. 

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You can buy it from the meat department and some butchers for around $2 – $3  for about 500g ands I was able to make two strudels out of all the ingredients for under $12.

What I used to make one:

1 sheet of frozen puff pastry

1 250g of sausage meat

125g of sundried tomatoe parmesan and cashew dip/spread

125g of ricotta

1 egg whisked

sesame seeds for the top (this is optional)

handful of baby spinach

So basically leave your puff pastry out on the bench to defrost and before it is too soft add all your toppings and if you can leave the film that divides the sheets on the bottom as this will help you to roll the strudel.  All you need to do is layer your ingredients on your puff pastry starting with the sausage meat.  Spread the sausage meat on 3/4 of your puff pastry.  This is so you have enough to seal the strudel and to stop your filling from melting out underneath.

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Then spread on the sundried tomatoe dip, then top that with the ricotta and finish with the spinach.  To roll fold the puff pastry about an inch and start to peel the film back and slowly roll the strudel to the end.

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Now if you are going to freeze this for another day use the film to wrap the strudel before wrapping again in glad wrap.  To cook wash the top of the strudel with the whisked egg and top with the sesame seeds.  Bake in an over at 180 for about 30-35 mins.  Leave to cool slightly before cutting.

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We had this for dinner one night with salad and boiled potatoes that were grown in the veggie garden and i froze the second one for another day.  You can also replace the sausage meat with chicken mince or turkey mince, just season the mince first. 

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And to get 2 strudels out of your mixture just make sure that you purchase 250g containers of the sundried tomatoe spread and ricotta and for the spinach buy it by the bag.

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Would love to know what fillings you come up with over at my Facebook page


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