Friday, December 17, 2010

The Crayon Roll

This year I wanted to make a few birthday presents for kid's as I find something handmade is more personal then buying them clothes or a toy that might just get thrown in the corner.

So went I found this Crayon Roll tutorial  at Chocolate on my Cranium I thought it was the perfect gift as it was compact and can be taken anywhere.

The tutorial has pictures for each stage and easy to follow instructions.

 This was the first Crayon Roll that I made and the first time I have ever done applique which I wish I had done better.

Then I made 2 more for another Jack and my nephew Curtis.  The material I used for the pockets for the crayons and the applique I found when looking for pillowcases for the girl's fairy dresses.

The last one I made was for a little girl in Grace's kindy class.  The more applique I have done the easier I now find it plus I'm getting to know my sewing machine better and what size zigzag stitch to use.


Now all you have to do is roll them up and wrap along with a few colouring books!

Hope you have fun!

Happy Sewing


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