Friday, January 21, 2011

Queensland Floods

Well I finally have the internet back up and running and just as we lost the connection I was in the middle of writing a blog on the Queensland Floods and had added a few auctions that some fantastic people had organised to raise money for those who had been affected.

Unfortunately I was unable to publish that post but would like to say to all those fantastic people on behalf of those who will benefit from their efforts, a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

My family have not been affected by the floods but our thoughts go out to those who have been.  Never in my lifetime did I think I would witness our capital city going under water.  And it amazes me how much damage a flood can do.

But what a fantastic nation we are.  To all those wonderful people out there that gave up their time to go and volunteer to help their fellow Australian's with the clean up, you make me proud to be an Australian!!!!!!

Happy Australia Day Wednesday 26th January 2011!!!

P.S and if you still want to help go to to find out how.

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