Monday, February 28, 2011

Fettuccine Mona Lisa

Two weeks ago my Mum and I had a lovely lunch at Fasta Pasta (I was craving sundried tomatoes).  I haven't been there for awhile and I forgot how lovely their pasta is.

We both ordered the dish Fettuccine Mona Lisa (sauteed bacon, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, baby spinach, basil, garlic and a hint of chilli in a light cream and napoli sauce) which was just what I wanted and while we were chatting over our meal I realised that I could make my own version of this at home! Yeah!!!!

So the following week while doing the usual grocery shopping I picked up a tube of  Latina Fresh Spicy Bacon and Tomatoe sauce.  I already had fettuccine, pinenuts, cream and a jar of sundried tomatoes at home.

All I had to do now was cook enough fettuccine for 2 people, then with the sauce, instead of reheating it in the microwave as per instructions, I put it into a small pan along with the sundried tomatoes, dash of cream and pine nuts so that they would all heat through and the pine nuts would soften.

Then add to the fettuccine and tada!!! you have your very own version of Fettuccine Mona Lisa!!  (Don't worry Fasta Pasta I will still dine in from time to time).

mmm would be nice with a glass of Cab Merlot!!!
So yummy!! next time I will remember to add some baby spinach.

Happy Cooking!!!!

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