Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aaarrr Me Hearty's!!!!!!

Last weekend my nephew celebrated his 5th birthday, pirate style.  It was a great afternoon filled with treasure hunts, pass the parcel, laughter and lollies.

All the kiddies (and some parents) dressed up in their finest pirate gear and my sister-in-law did a fabulous job on the pirate ship birthday cake.

Grace doing her best pirate impersonation, big sister was
being difficult and didn't want to dress up.
The yummy Pirate Ship Cake, fantastic job Robyn!!!
With this being the first birthday party that Ethan has attended, I didn't want him to miss out (I know he was only over a week old  but i didn't want him to miss out) so I sent hubby out to buy some black felt and I made my little man a pirate hat and waist coat.

To make the waist coat I used the jumpsuit he was going to wear as a template.  First I lay the jumpsuit on top of one piece of felt and folded the arms behind to hide them.  Then I traced around the suit to create the back of the vest:

Then I used the back of the vest to cut out the 2 front piece's for the front by folding it in half and laying it on another piece of felt and cut:

I forgot to mention that I marked where the arm hole started with tailor's chalk

Now I just pinned and sewed it all together.  For the hat i found one using google that was for a colouring competition, printed it out twice, pinned, cut and sewed it together.  Now as i made this the morning of the party, in between feeds and getting ready, i forgot to take a few pictures but i traced the skull and bones onto some interfacing with a laundry marker, cut it out and hand sewed it while in the car on the way:

And here he is, the littlest pirate at the party, too cute!!!!!!

He slept thru the entire party lol!!!!

Happy sewing!!!!!

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