Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In the garden


Haven’t been able to do much in the garden of late.  Last week it rained pretty much everyday and over the weekend.  Now it’s lovely and sunny but with a gail force wind.


The only thing good about that is that my washing is drying very quickly lol.


Ethan likes to play outside and has been very grumpy with me for not letting him  but he is only just getting over a nasty cold and still has a touch of a cough.


I thought I better let him have a quick run around today while I put a load of washing on the line.


One thing that has been happening in our garden is the girls have a flower growing.  It was funny when they found it.  We had planted some bulbs last year and the girls waited patiently and checked everyday but nothing ever appeared until this year.

Jorja shouted for joy that her sunflower was growing but I had to explain to her that this pot was the one we but the bulbs in.  Yep one lonely little bulb has decided it wants to come out for the girls.


It is going to be a lovely surprise when it flowers and we can’t remember what was planted and didn’t keep the packaging.

Will keep you posted.  Have a lovely day!

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