Wednesday, July 4, 2012



Photography is something I have always wanted to improve on.  The inside of my house is very dark as we have an L shaped house with a big patio area out the back and all the windows are tinted.

I also read that the best time to take photo’s is the last hour of the day and unfortunately that is when I am getting the house organised and dinner on the stove.

But I have a little hope with this great website that I found through a group that I am part of called The Blogging Library on Facebook.

Its called PicMonkey and it is awesome:


You can upload your photo and do just about anything you want, add text, add effects, touch it up, use overlays, add a frame or add textures.


The other great feature is that you can create a collage by uploading all your photo’s and choosing a layout.  I used it to make this collage of my bike caddie, simple but its a start. Can’t wait to have another play around:

purple bike caddie Collage

So if you are like me and wanted to make your pictures look more attractive why not head on over and check this great site today. 

Have fun!!!!


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