Thursday, February 28, 2013

Found it at the Library – Stress Free Sewing


stress free sewing 

Stress Free Sewing by Nicole Vasbinder is definitely a must have in your home library.  It’s like a bible of sewing with great Question and Answer sections (a bit like a FAQ section).

Whether your new to sewing, self taught like me or even experienced this book will you to find out anything you need to know about sewing from Sewing Tools, Notions and Trims, Fabric Solutions to Finishing Solutions.

Nicole Vasbinder owns and runs a California based sewing studio called StitchCraft.  She has designed and operated the independent accessory line Queen Puff Puff and sells her own designs all over the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and also Japan.

What’s your favourite must have sewing book?

Happy Reading

Jennifer xx


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  1. Did you ever hear the expression "all thumbs"? I think it was created with people like me in mind! I even have trouble re sewing a button on without poking myself with the needle several times in the process!! This book sounds like a good investment--maybe it can teach me to NOT hurt myself in the process?