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Fudge is something I have always steered away from as I have always had visions of burnt chocolate/caramel on the bottom of the pot that you just have to throw out cos that stuff ain’t coming off.

But after searching on Pinterest and looking through a few of my recipe books I came across 2 recipes that I thought I would give a go.

The first one is a very simple 2 ingredient recipe that you just have to melt together in a pot on a medium heat.  The second is a caramel recipe that you can change to make into chocolate (which is what I did).

So lets start with the two ingredient fudge:

1 x 395g can sweetened condensed milk

1 x 400g white chocolate (can be melts or your favourite bar)

First you will need to line a square tin/tray with baking paper.  Pour your condensed milk into a saucepan, stir over a low heat while slowly adding your white chocolate.  When all your chocolate has melted and the mixture is smooth and think, take off the heat and pour into your tin/tray.

Allow to cool then place in the fridge over night to harden.  I made this after I did the school run in the morning and it was set that night to try with a cup of tea.  But I find the longer it is in the fridge the better it is.  You can also get fancy with this recipe and add a few extra ingredients like peanuts or cranberries.

Caramel Fudge

Now for this fudge it takes a little bit longer but is very easy so don’t be scared to try it.  All you have to remember is to keep stirring and keep on a medium heat as to not bring it to the boil.

You will need:

395g can sweetened condensed milk (this where I changed the recipe as i used chocolate condensed milk)

125g unsalted butter

1 cup brown sugar

2 tblsp golden syrup

100g white chocolate (melts or your favourite bar)

Once again line a square tray/tin with baking paper and set aside.  Melt the butter in your saucepan over a low heat and then add the condensed milk, brown sugar and the golden syrup.

When the brown sugar is dissolved, turn up the heat a little bit to bring the mixture to a simmer and stir for 10 mins. 

Cape Trip 473

After 10 mins take off the heat and slowly add your chocolate until it is all melted and combined.  Your mixture should be thick and glossy.

Cape Trip 475

Now to pour into your tray/tin and allow to cool before placing in the fridge. 

 Cape Trip 476 

Now out of the two recipes both are very yummy but I must admit that I preferred the second one.  I cut them up into little squares and wrapped them in baking paper before putting into little Christmas baskets with the rum balls as gifts (of course I forgot to take a photo of them). 

What yummy delights do you make at Christmas time? 

Jennifer xx


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