Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cover for Toy Tub

Just after Grace turned 2 we decided that we would put the girl's in the same bedroom so that we could use Grace's room as a toy room.  We wanted them to have their own space, oh and a door to close and hide the messy toy's.

But now that we have baby number 3 due in June we need to turn the toy room back into a nursery.  So where are we going to put all those toys:

Move them into the garage of course!  At the moment we use the garage that is part of the house as my craft/sewing area and for now it also has a bar area and we plan on removing the garage door and put in a window and sliding door (eventually).

But before we move everything into the garage, I wanted to organise their toys and go through what was broken and what they don't play with anymore. 

It took up most of the day but I finally got through everything, but as the garage is not completely sealed and after our recent visit from a snake in my kitchen (yes a lovely green snake) I thought I might make some covers for the 2 toy tub's that we have.

The girl's Great Nana gave me 6 metre's of this material a few weeks ago which I thought would be perfect for the covers and some bags for the toy's that are like a set.

First I layout the material in half so that I cut out two circles the same size.  Then I turned the tub upside down and cut around the top of the tub.  I went out about 10 inches to make plenty of room for the toys that may sit higher then the top of the tub (yes they still have lots of big toy's even after a clean out).

After I cut out the circles, I serged the edges.  I do have an overedging foot on my sewing machine but awhile ago my Dad picked up this lovely little 1974 Babylock overlocker, at our local recycle centre for $30, that is in perfect working order and I needed to get some practice in.  Isn't she a beauty:

Now after overlocking, I sewed a hem leaving enough space for me to put the elastic in.  I used 4mm elastic so I made a hem that was about half an inch wide.

Now to place a safety pin on the end of the elastic and push all away around the inside of the hem.  To stop the other end of your elastic from disappearing inside, use another safety pin and pin it to the outside of the fabric.

excuse the overlocking, like I said I am still practicing!!

All that is left to do now is sew the two ends of the elastic together and I'm done!!!!!

I just realised if you were wondering how much elastic I used, all I did was place the cover over the tub and pulled the elastic till it was tight around the tub and cut.

Happy Sewing!!!!!

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  1. what a great way to keep toys organized while keeping them clean! thanks for linking up! I look forward to seeing you this week again!