Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I found it at the Library

I am hoping to make this a regular post as I borrow books out of my local library all the time and the great thing is I request books online so I don't have to drag the whole tribe to the library and spend most of the time telling them to be quiet and stop running around.

Have you been to your local library?, are you a member?.  Well if you're not then you should be.  Is there a new sewing book out at the moment that you would love to buy but money is tight and the $40 price tag is just to much, well why not check and see if your library has it.  And if they don't have it some libraries will actually look at getting the book in.

I also like the fact that you can try before you buy.  There have been a few books that I have borrowed out and ended up buying it and others I have found there are only one or two things I like but the rest of the book is no good to me.

The only downside to borrowing some of the books from the library is that you can't use the patterns that may come with the book but that's where tracing paper comes in handy.

Anyway seeing as I have been doing alot of crocheting lately I thought I would share a book that I actually have on my "would like to buy list".

It's called 'The Ultimate Crochet Bible' by Jane Crowfoot.  This book is fantastic and loaded with different stitches and techniques:

I found that this book is well illustrated for those who would like to learn how to crochet or like me who can crochet but would like to know more types of stitches this book is very easy to follow.


Here are a few of the different sections you will find:

I'm planning on making this bolster cushion for someone special

This type of crochet uses a very long hook almost like a knitting needle.
 I have already been out and bought one from Spotlight

So why not head out this week and checkout your local library or check and see if you can browse online.

Happy reading!!!!!

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