Monday, August 8, 2011

Day Bed Pillows

My poor old day bed has been very neglected over the last year and my 2 furry children have claimed the back pillows for themselves this winter.  So I thought it was about time I got some more.

But as I made my own nursing pillow a few months ago (I know my little man is 2 months this week OMG!!) I thought why not make the cushions myself.

I have these large brown pillows (I had 2 green ones which I had already used the stuffing for the old pillows the furry kids now have) that only cost me $10 each a few years ago and the reason why they were so cheap was because the stuffing did not have a cover, so when you wanted to wash the outside cover you had to put all the stuffing into another bag which was very tedious.

So when I made my nursing pillow  it gave me an idea, why not use a pillow protector or even better a mattress protector and the stuffing from the old pillows to make new pillows.

At the moment you can pick up a single bed protector for $1 at kmart:

So here is what I did.  First I removed the elastic from each corner (keeping elastic as it might come in handy):

With the sheet folded in half length ways, I measured and divided it out by 3:

I liked the rounded edge so after marking out the 3 pillows I folded the first one in half and traced the rounded edge:


Now to just sew and stuff, and here you have them:

With the other sheet I am going to make one more pillow and 2 bolster cushions.  Will show you the finished product when they are done.

So what can you make with a single/double/queen or even a king size mattress protector?

Happy Sewing!!!

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