Thursday, November 10, 2011

I found it at the library


Have you ever wondered how patterns are created or even wanted to design your own.  Well this is something I have been thinking a lot about lately so I thought why not checkout what’s at the library.

So far I found two books that I thought were interesting.  The first book is ‘Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit’ by Steffani Lincecum.  Steffani is a Hollywood and theatre costume designer and her book shows you how to design clothing using the rub off technique. 


There are 2 methods using the rub off technique. The first method is where you place the garment on a piece of paper and mark the outline on to your paper by placing pins through strategic points of the garment.


The second method is where you place tracing fabric or muslin over the garment and you trace the seams etc of the garment onto your paper. 

As with all books to do with sewing, the first chapter is all about the tools and equipment you need, knowing your fabric, taking measurements and sewing essentials. 


The following chapters show you how to draft a skirt, dress, blouse and handbag using these methods and then once you have designed your pattern the author then shows you how to make variations.



The second book I found is called ‘Design It Yourself Clothes Patternmaking simplified’ by Cal Patch who is a former urban outfitters designer.

Cal Patch teaches you how to draft your own patterns from taking specific measures from head to toe. 


Of course the first chapter is your sewing basics and Cal shows you how to prepare to make the pattern and the taking of the measurements. Then there are 5 key projects for you to design: the perfect fitting dress, the t-shirt, an a line skirt and pants/trousers.


Part 2 of the book is the making of each pattern and part 3 is the customizing fitting and grading of the pattern.


As per the first book Cal also shows you how to make variations of the each pattern.

Both books have very clear instructions/illustrations for you to follow and I love the fact that they encourage you to alter the patterns to make different versions of the garments.


But out of the two books I think Cal Patch book appeals to me more and I have put it on my must have booklist.

Have you found a patternmaking book that you think is a worthwhile read?

Happy Reading!!!!

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