Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tutorial Wednesday


Sorry for the late tutorial but my little man has been very upset today.  Between teething and the lovely hot weather we are having here in sunny Queensland he is just not happy!

Speaking of sunny weather, we have started spending more time outside in the garden and eating our meals on the back veranda so I have dragged the old portacot outside so that Ethan can be outside with us.


We use to do the same thing for the girls when they were babies and I use to use an old net curtain to throw over the top of it to keep the flies, mozzies etc out.


This time round I decide to cut the curtain up to fit just the top of the cot so that it doesn’t fall in on top of Ethan. 

So here is what i did, first I measured the portacots length and width and then  added 2 inches to this measurement for extra length over the top.  For the depth I wanted it to sit about 6 inches from the top. 

Now I haven’t bothered to serge or hem this as being a net curtain it doesn’t fray after cutting but you can do this.  You can also add a little bit more to the total measurement so that you can insert elastic all the way around but I am only going to add elastic to the corners.

Next I folded the material in half and then in half again so that I can measure and cut to create the box style corners.


As I wanted it to sit about 6 inches down I measured and cut 6 inches on both sides. At each corner I pinned together both sides and sewed.

Now for the elastic.  Remember when I used the protector sheets to make custom cushions for my day bed.  Well I used the elastic I removed from those sheets for this.  They measure about 18 inches long so I just folded and cut the elastic in half.


With the elastic folded in half I then placed the middle of the elastic on to the seam of the box corner and attached with a pin.  Then I stretched it out and sewed it to the corner using a zigzag stitch.


I did this to each corner and here you have it.  Now My little man can lie in his portacot and not have to worry about the nasty flies and mozzies.


If you don’t have a net curtain you can pick up mosquito net at your local haberdashery.

Happy Sewing

PS sorry that there is many pictures as I was running between the sewing machine and the little man.  If there is anything that I haven’t explained every clearly please let me know.  Cheers!!!

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  1. That is so clever! How nice for him to now be able to rest outdoors. I am a new GFC and FB follower from Sugar Bee Crafts. Vicky from Mess For Less