Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In the garden


Never work with animals or children, or so they say.  I am not a great photographer but thought I would try and do our own family photo’s this year. 


I have a lot of respect for all the professionals out there who work with kids and manage to capture some fantastic photos.  If it wasn’t Ethan moving to much, it was “the sun is in my eyes”.  Its really hot today so I was trying to keep them out of the sun.


I have been collecting ideas from Pin Interest of poses that I wanted the kids to be in together. Ethan was trying to eat Miss G nose in this one.


Outside is where I wanted to take them as the grass has been freshly mowed and its lovely and green at the moment.

And of course the girls wanted their favourite teddies to be in all the pictures with them. Please mummy!!!!


My girls tried really hard to do what mummy asked but working with a 5 month old is not easy.


The girls were really trying to make Ethan smile for me here.  Cheeky boy!!!


I think I might just wait until the weekend when daddy can help mummy out.  But for now I think taking pictures of the flowers in the garden is more my thing lol.


What did you get up to in the garden today?

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