Thursday, November 24, 2011

I found it at the library

Do remember your favourite dress from when you were a little girl. You know the one that you wanted to wear everyday and sat in front of the washing machine and waited for it to be washed and hung up to dry so you can wear it again.
Both my girls are like that.  They just love their fairy dresses, and what little girl doesn’t. 
Well while searching the library catalogues I came across this book ‘The Little Best Dress’ by Simon Henry and just had to see what it was about.
Now if you are thinking of making a flower girls dress or just something special for you little girl, then this is the book for you.
The author Simon Henry has been designing and making couture wedding gowns, formal wear and tailored day wear for over 30 years.
In this book Simon takes you through every step for making a beautiful fitted dress.
The book is broken down into 3 parts, the first section being about getting started, equipment and material, sewing techniques that has very well photographed step by step instructions on sewing straight lines, sewing around curves, gathers and pleats, darts and seam finishes.  It also explains how to do hems, fastenings, underskirts and accessories for the dresses.
Part 2 is about making the blocks as in the body, skirt and sleeves.  Part 3 discus basic shapes for dresses, choosing your fabric then it goes into the sewing of a few different types of dresses using the same basic pattern. 
Now this book does not come with any paper patterns, it is written so that you can follow step by step and design and create the pattern yourself.
So if you are feeling like a challenge, this book is for you. 
Happy Reading
PS my favourite is the silver dress

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