Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the Garden

It’s spring time again and I just love this time of year as it means all the lovely birds that love to nest in our big old tree have returned to nest.

This year we have a family of Galas nesting in a hole in the lower half of the tree trunk.  Our resident cockatoos have returned to their usual spot in the hole left from a broken branch and somewhere up there is a mummy possum and her little one. 
photo1 021
We also get a lot of lorikeets that have a feed on the bird feeder that hubby built for me.  We only feed them on the weekend after we have finished working in the garden all day and are relaxing, enjoying the sunset.
photo 085
This spring I am finally getting back into the vegie patch.  I stopped planting last winter as we went on our big trip to the tip of Australia and then I feel pregnant with Ethan and I just lost my gardening mojo. 
Hubby finally got around to putting up my little shed that has been lying in a box on the floor of his big shed for the last 18 months and that I have been parking the 4wd over, Thanks Hubby xxx.
He also managed to get the 4th bed made up for me too.  It will mean more vegies to fit in and better crop rotation.
The girls decided that they wanted their own little garden to look after, pretty flowers that is, so we have planted some pots of colour for them outside their cubby house.
I am planning on making the vegie patch completely organic and also plan on following a moon calendar, so their will be lots of post coming your way on how I will be doing this.
So its off to the vegie garden I go, well after I finish my cuppa.  What have you been doing in your garden?.

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