Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Out in the Garden


I know this weekly post is suppose to be about the veggie garden really but I have been a bit slack and haven’t been in there as it is getting really hot very early these days.

I have some Black Russian Tomatoes that really need to be replanted and it looks like we might be in for some rain this afternoon so I think I might make an effort and get stuck in tomorrow morning.

Recently I introduced the Jolly Jumper or (jelly jumper as Grace calls it) to Ethan. Both the girls loved the jolly jumper, especially Grace as we had bought the swing set for both of them at Christmas and I was able to hang the jumper from it so that she could play outside with Jorja.



She would stay in that thing till she fell asleep.  She loves being outside.  Ethan loves it too and has really gotten the hang of jumping up and down.


And when mummy is on the computer or trying to do a quick spot of sewing well it just comes in a little bit handy.


But mostly he can play outside with his big sisters too.



Gotta love the outdoors!!!!

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