Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In the garden – Marjoram


One of my favourite herbs to cook with is the lovely Marjoram which is from the mint family and has a mild, sweet oregano like flavour.

I haven’t had much luck growing this lovely herb and the have bought quite a few pots form the local markets but can’t seem to keep it alive.

So I thought I might try it in a hanging pot on the back veranda as a last resort otherwise I’m giving up and resorting to the dry, ground variety.

I picked up 2 lovely hanging pots from Ikea and had planed to grow mint in one of them as well as it doesn’t like the heat of the sun.


The pots don’t have holes in the bottom so to stop the plants getting wet feet (roots) as they say I placed a handful of small stones in the bottom.


Well I’m happy to say that the plant is loving it’s new home and thriving.  I love to mix a little of this delicious herb through my scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Do you have a favourite herb and what is your favourite thing to cook it with?

Jennifer xx


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