Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bias Binding Foot


Around 2 years ago my wonderful hubby bought me a rotary foot with attachments for my Janome and it has taken me a while to use each of them, especially the bias binding foot.


I have used it on straight edges which for me it was trial and error but in the end I managed to get the needle to line up properly and the fabric to feed through correctly as well.


But what I couldn’t do was bias on the curve.  I actually tried and failed miserably.  I Googled for tutorials but could never find anything on sewing on a curve.

But today I read a feed in a sewing group that I am a member of on Facebook and one of the members inquired as to whether the foot was a good investment.

After reading everyone's comments and watching a video of a lady using one to put bias binding on a circular skirt, I thought I would give it ago again.


I’m so excited that I did as it worked and first go too.  You just have to go very slowly and stop to adjust the position by putting your needle down and presser foot up to make sure the fabric is feeding into the binding properly.


Now I can go back to a few projects I put on the back burner as I always dreaded using bias tape.

Have you had anything that you have put off for a long time then suddenly decided to give it ago and worked?

Jennifer xx


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