Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas craft – Mini Bedroom Door Wreath


My girls wanted to decorate their bedrooms this year for Christmas so I thought I would start them off with their own wreath for their bedroom doors.

So after visiting our local Reject Shop (discount store) I thought I would make them out of tinsel on foam rings with baubles and small fairy lights.

This is a great little project and only took about 15mins give or take without interruptions (say Mr two year old).

What you’ll need:

1 x 3 metre’s of silver tinsel

1 x packet of small baubles

1 x small foam rings (if you can’t find these but can get your hands on a small crochet hoop or wire ring that will work as well)

Ribbon about 17” long

sticky tape

jewellery pins (standard pins will work too)

1 x jingle bell

pack 20 LED lights (battery operated)



Ok so first I took one end of the tinsel and sticky tape it to the back of the foam ring.  Then I slowly wrapped it right round till it was completely covered and then poked (tucked) the end back under itself.  Now watch this stuff cos it gets everywhere lol.

Next I placed the ribbon through the middle of the hoop and tied a knot in the top so that you can use this to hand it on your hook.


Now for the baubles, as they had plastic hoops for you to hang then on the tree so I decided to search through my old stash of jewellery making goodies and found some pins that you use to make earrings and hooked them onto the hoops.  You can buy these guys in a packet for around $2 in most discount stores but if you can’t find them you can just use a pair of pliers to bend a standard flat head pin to do the same job.  Then I just stuck them into the foam anywhere around the wreath.




You can leave your wreath like this or add more baubles but I thought a jingle bell at the bottom would be nice so I attached this with a jewellery pin as well then wrapped the LED lights around the same way I did with the tinsel.



Now to just hand on the door and light!!


What about the battery pack, well I just tucked that under the wire of the lights at the back so that it was easy to turn on but not see.

This can be made at any size using all these items and if you can find mini signs that say Merry Christmas why not stick that on it as well. 

Now I have to make another 2, one for Mr E and a bigger one for our front door.  All up these two cost to make was under $15 dollars.

What decorations have you made this Christmas?

Jennifer xx


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