Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Egg and Bacon Pie


bacon and egg pie

I bumped into a lovely lady I know named Sharon during my weekly shopping run and when got talking about cooking over Christmas.  Sharon had family and friends visiting in a couple of days and was buying goodies to make them all lunch.


One of the things Sharon was going to make them was a bacon and egg pie.  Now I make a lot of quiches which I love but have never made a bacon and egg pie before even thought I know how so I made sure I had everything I would need and I made one for brunch on Sunday.


This is a basic recipe but Sharon shared one little secret to her bacon and egg pie and that was on the bottom of the pie she like to spread Green Tomato Relish.  I made sure to grab some of that too lol.

What I used:

1 x cake tin lined with baking paper (I like to spray it with cooking oil first as it helps the paper to stick better to the tin)

1 dozen medium/large eggs (I used 8 in this recipe as that was all that fit nicely in the cake tin but you can use all 12 if you like)

2 sheets of puff pastry (you can use short crust on the bottom and puff pastry on the top)

3 rashers of bacon chopped

1 cup of grated cheese (optional)

1 small onion chopped (I used spring onion)

2 tbsp Green Tomato Relish (or relish of our choice or leave out all together)

1/4 milk for the top of your pastry (you can also do an egg wash too)

Lets get started:

  • line your baking dish of choice with baking paper and pre heat your oven at 180 degrees (my oven is fan forced)
  • place a sheet of puff pastry or short crust pastry on the bottom of your dish.  I didn’t trim the pastry but just let it hang over the top.
  • spread your relish all over the top of your pastry, then sprinkle have the cheese, onion and bacon over the relish.  


  • now carefully crack your eggs in and around your dish,  Don’t stress to much if the yoke breaks.


  • place the rest of the cheese, onion and bacon on top of the eggs.


  • cut a cross in the middle of your puff pastry to let any steam out and very carefully place the puff pastry on top of your eggs.  I did this at diagonal to the bottom of the pastry and pressed down and around to seal.


  • using a cooking brush cover the top of your pastry with the milk or you can whip up an egg and use this too.
  • bake in the oven for 35 to 40 mins or until your pastry is lovely and golden brown.


And there you have it, yummy bacon and egg pie.  This is great cold for brunch or to take on a picnic.  And why not replace the bacon with leftover ham from your Christmas lunch.


Jennifer xx


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