Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In the Garden – The veggie patch


After all the rain we have had, I thought it was a perfect time to get back into the veggie garden.  Due to our holiday at the end of last year I stopped using the veggie garden so it was less maintenance for the house sitter.

So with my little helper we set off for some supplies at our local Bunnings and got stuck into turning over the garden beds.

I have also purchase more little worms for the worm farm to give it a boost as I am hoping to have a organic, pesticide free vegetable garden this year.

veggie garden 12022013

I also picked up a new cover for the top of the farm instead of only having newspaper.  You have to keep these little fellows out of the sun/heat and make sure you don’t over feed them as you don’t want the scraps to rot before they can eat them.  If you can smell your scraps, you are giving them to much.

I poor water over them ever second day and have a bucket underneath to catch the juices.

Do you have a veggie garden and/or a worm farm?  Would love to hear some of your tips and tricks you use.

Happy Gardening,

Jennifer xx

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