Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So what to do first?

While reading through all the wonderful blogs that are out there I discovered the pillowcase dress.  That's right the pillowcase dress.  There are so many different tutorials out there for this dress and you can find it in Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase by Suzanne J.E Tourtillott .

My girl's love to dress up like fairies and I thought what a great and cheap way of making them a few fair dresses to wear.

So my Mum and I went searching for pillowcases:

and this is what we found!

I already had pink Tulle at home from another project and I used the white pillowcases with pink flowers to make the dresses, the other pillowcases I used for the inside of a crayon rolls that I have made as gifts (that's for another day).  The tutorial that I used was from Prudent Baby .

And here is the finished dresses:

I made the straps out of the bottom of the pillowcases that I cut off instead of using ribbon as per the tutorial.  To make the wings all I did was fold 2 layers of tulle together and used a CD to make the wings a circular shape, them attached them to the dress with the pink ribbon.

I made two more one for my niece and one for a friend's little girl:

This time I used purple Tulle that I had for the wings and I bought some pretty ribbon for the straps and to attach the wings (please excuse the fridge in the background).  

So if you haven't made these dresses before please have a go and if you have but haven't read the Prudent Baby blog please take a look and have fun as there are so many new and exciting ideas from other crafty mum's out there.

Happy Sewing!!!!


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