Monday, March 21, 2011

Skorts (skirt and shorts)

My girl's love to wear skorts!  If you are not aware of what skorts are they are a skirt with shorts attached underneath.

The girl's like to wear them to kindy and as they have paint and other wonderful things from kindy all over the one's they already have, I decided that I would go through my bit's and pieces and make some myself.

A while back I picked up some purple knit (around 3 metre's) from our local salvo's for about $3 and I found a lovely piece of cotton in the remnants bin at spotlight that I thought would go well together.


To make the shorts, I took a pattern off of a pair size 4 shorts. Using the purple knit, I folded it in half and on the fold I placed the shorts:

I cut this out and used it again for the second half of the shorts so that they where the same.  Now you should have to piece cut out that look like this:

At this point I hemmed both pieces along the bottom about half an inch:

Now to sew the piece's together.  First I sewed the inner legs together:

Then I pinned and sewed the front and backs together:

All to do now is sew the sides together (sorry didn't take pic) and now you have your shorts:


Put the shorts aside and now to make the skirt.  For the skirt I cut out:

2 x 15 inch wide by 23 inch long rectangles (for skirt)
1 x 3 inch wide by 23 inch long rectangle (for waistband)

To make the skirt, I placed both 15" x 23" pieces, right sides together and sewed both sides and hemmed the bottom:

Then with my machine I gathered all the way around the top.  To gather using your machine, set your tension as loose as it can go and pick the longest length stitch, then you need to pull the button thread to gather:

I gathered the thread till the opening measured 12 inches wide.  Now to sew the skirt and shorts together.

To do this, I turned both the skirt and shorts right side out and place the shorts inside of the skirt.  For the waist band I ironed the 11"x 23" piece in half, opened and ironed each side so that it looks like double folded bias tape:

Now to pin the waistband over both the skirt and shorts, sew and leave an opening for the elastic to be inserted:

tuck end of waistband under for a neat finish

And here they are:

My little Grub!!!!!

Happy Sewing!!!!!


  1. Great job! I love the cotton fabric. Thanks for posting those directions.

  2. I love this tutorial. I like my kids to wear skorts because I feel like they are more covered. They like to play hard and run and jump and not always remember to be ladylike in a skirt. That or I put leggings follower btw--connie,

  3. Great idea! Now no worries on the playground :)

    I'd love it if you'd check out my Party on Tuesdays:

  4. Perfect idea! Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. this is so cute! thanks for sharing and linking up!